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About Us

Evident Truths is the place to go when you need military or patriotic designs. Our staff at Evident Truths is comprised of recognized experts in the historical writings and imagery upon which the United States was founded. Our mission is to enable our customers to purchase such words and images in custom digital form, or to have those images and words applied to whatever items fit their specific needs.

The Chief Designer and Head of Operations at Evident Truths is Ms. Alma Carman. Alma holds a BA in Art and Architectural History, and an MA in Arts Administration and Gallery Management, from SUNY Fredonia. Alma is the original founder and owner of The Whimsical Pig LLC, in Watertown NY. Founded in 2003, today, nearly twenty years later, The Whimsical Pig is internationally renown for its excellence in craftsmanship and design. Today’s Whimsical Pig is owned and operated by Alma’s family, but she continues to deliver her personal work through this venue,

Alma’s experience includes creating numerous images for awards used by the 10th MTN DIV at Fort Drum, NY. This experience has enabled Alma to produce vector graphics of any military insignia, badge, award or other such image as may be required by military personnel.

  • Digital images can be purchased, as well as products to which any of our images might be applied.
  • Vectors can be purchased for use in printing, embroidery, sublimation, screen printing, vinyl transfer, laser carving or plaque awards.
  • We deliver reproductions and refinements of unit logos and mascots.
  • Transference of sketches into usable digital information for apparel, patches and other items, is among our specialties.
  • Design of awards, certificates and MWR gifts are also within our sphere of expertise, including all branch creeds, as well as military literature and poetry.

The Whimsical Pig is the production outlet for items designed by Alma @ Evident Truths, so you can be sure that any physical product purchased through, will feature the excellence and attention to detail that has made The Whimsical Pig famous.

“Evident Truths is the place to go when you need military or patriotic designs. I focus on the historic writings and imagery upon which this nation was founded.”

Alma Carman, CEO of Evident Truths

Our Clientele

Evident Truths furnishes products to a wide variety of patrons.
  • All Military Branches
  • Patriotic Associations
  • Traditional Groups/Organizations
  • You!

2-14 DUI

A CO 3-10 GSAB patch



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